To promote and protect the health of the people of Lake County through education and the enforcement of public health laws.

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Is that Toxic Mold in my home?
Toxic mold may cause skin rashes, eye and nose irritation, and suppression of the immune system. It is also suspected to cause a disorder in infants that results in bleeding in the lungs, however, this condition is rare.
For more information on health effects, identification, prevention and clean up of toxic mold, visit our mold information page.

Did you know that Blue-Green Algae can cause serious health problems?
A wide range of health effects is possible when an animal or person is exposed to elevated levels of toxins produced by cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Effects can include liver damage, kidney damage, neurological effects, or skin irritation. For more information, visit our Blue-Green Algae page.

Pawnee Fire Advisory Notices:
Ash and burn debris clean-up removal
Food safety after a power outage

Fire Informational Handouts:
Cleaning Up After A Fire Disaster
Safe Cleanup of Fire Ash
Food Safety After a Power Outage

Press Releases:
Cyanobacteria Press Release May 2018
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